Total Product Offering

Core products and services are the foundation of your company, it’s what your company is built on and where your revenue comes from. For most companies, relying on their core products and services to create a strategy is their primary focus, and rightfully so. Without them, companies would feel the strain and loss of revenue, making it more challenging to impact their market or worse, have to shut down completely. Many companies understand the pressures all too well and are reluctant to change what has been their bread-and-butter for years.

There is a way to keep your core offering and still get a bigger piece of sales. Nearly all core products have ancillary products and services that customers need in order to help connect with other equipment, make the product more versatile, and just make their lives easier. We call that the Total Product Offering. In our experience, customers generally purchase a Total Product Offering, even if they have to piece something together with another company's services, parts, or equipment. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer your customers your core product or service along with the ancillary products and services so they don’t need to piece things together? The problem is that procuring the right accessories and connections is complicated and establishing relationships with manufacturers can get tricky...

Hygenix can help audit your offering and recommend ancillary products and services which will work best for your customers, no matter how diverse they are. Our expansive network of vetted OEMs, vendors, distributors, and service providers are ready to help you build and offer a more complete set of products and services. It’s the Total Product Offering that your customers need and want.