About Us

Life Science and Science and Technology industries are extremely complex and competitive. Are you constantly searching for an edge and opportunities to grow?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have industry experts to help guide the way and speed up your growth?

Hygenix delivers a fully operational Life Science accelerated growth program designed to effectively meet and achieve your goals. We accelerate your time to market with our pre-vetted network of industry-leading product and service providers. With our extensive market expertise, we create both short- and long-term plans to quickly build off of your core competencies while positioning your company for future success. Our proven turn-key program will provide you and your organization sustainable processes, sales and marketing training and enablement, key product and portfolio recommendations, and initial market penetration for repeatable future success.

Hygenix focuses on helping you navigate the complexities of the Life Science and Science and Technology industries through:

We have clients who are in different stages of their development and have come across their own glass ceiling where they need strategic guidance to get past key challenges and achieve their goals.

We have a passion for helping companies reach their potential by applying industry expertise to an innovative and modern approach to business development and marketing. Our combination is unique in the Life Sciences and Science and Technology industries and delivers quick, sustainable, growth.

Are you in or are looking to break into life science, or struggling to break a financial ceiling due to a lack of internal resources or poor perception in the life science industry? Hygenix is here to provide you access to market expertise, strategic business development guidance, and an extensive network of industry-leading stakeholders to equip you to grow your business at scale.