Imagine all those videos you see of crashes, burns, fails. None of those have ever occurred when someone took their time to do it right. It’s time to stick the landing. Get it?

Don’t be that guy… you know, the one trying too hard to close deals. Unchecked, this behavior will very often lead to unmanaged expectations, missteps, errors, and damage to your reputation. What’s worse you can even lose that prospect for life.

Likewise, too many companies push their sales team to close the deal in the first meeting with their prospects. Unfortunately, moving through the funnel too fast causes sales reps to push products and services rather than listening to what their customers need. Without understanding the customer's needs, reps can kill a conversation too quickly as they force a sale and pave the way for underwhelming results.

To be truly successful a prescriptive approach is needed. Customers crave solutions and consultation. They want to share their stories and know you understand their problems. Then they want to hear how your company is different and how your offerings will best resolve their needs. You only get one chance at a first impression, so it’s critical for your sales and marketing teams to deliver on the expectations of your customers at every turn. Clean, compelling messaging and discreet communication cycles must be observed. Companies must modernize their marketing and sales efforts in order to achieve their sales goals.

Modernization can be scary, just like change. However, turning a blind eye to the disruption in the market will not yield growth or market share. Knowing more about the inner workings of the Life Science industry and how to tailor sales techniques to the appropriate audience increases conversions and opportunities. It’s important to effectively train and enable your sales and marketing teams on these proven techniques so they won’t rush and lose the sale.