You may be thinking, this all sounds interesting, but how do our companies engage with one another?  

We’ve come across many clients who approach us asking for specific, tactile tasks to be completed. While those tactics might be exactly what needs to get accomplished, how do we really know? Maybe those tactics are masking a bigger issue that needs resolution. Or maybe these clients are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Either way, in our view, it’s irresponsible for us to execute tactics until we get to really know our clients. Our approach is more prescriptive, intended to heal your company so that it can efficiently and effectively grow. 

Here’s an example, let’s say you have a sore throat and a fever. You’ve had these symptoms before, so you go to your doctor and tell them to give you antibiotics, which is what helped in the past. If the doctor just wrote you a prescription without an examination, you could have missed the other, less pronounced symptoms leading to viral flu, which antibiotics have limited effectiveness toward. Just like the doctor in this illustration, where they want you to feel better, they need to discover everything they can in order to identify what’s actually wrong. Only after their diagnosis can they prescribe a path to make you feel better. 

At Hygenix, we take the same approach, which is how we start every engagement, with a discovery process. This is our way of examining your company to identify the best path forward to help you achieve your goals.  

The 90-day discovery process is developed in two phases, the GAP analysis and the Business Canvas. During the GAP analysis, we will uncover: 

  • What’s your overall goal (desired state) 

  • Senior leadership alignment (strategy) 

  • Market analysis and competitive landscape (opportunity analysis) 

  • Corporate analysis (KPIs) 

  • Product/service analysis (offering) 

We need to know what you have and how you work in order to develop the best path to achieve your goals. However, just understanding your company and its offerings is just part of the equation. Next, we recommend initiating a business development program developed to enable your company to better engage with your prospects and customers through our Business Canvas. 

The Business Canvas is a lightweight messaging and business development exercise to give your company a jumpstart into best business practices. We’ve seen this work in all of our clients. Through this process we will identify your: 

  • Market position 

  • Competitive strengths and weaknesses 

  • Value propositions 

  • Product/service position and messaging 

With this information, you will be able to create an industry sales cheat sheet focused on finding the right prospects and engaging with them in the right way to cultivate opportunities. 

After our 90-day discovery, you will receive our ETOP (Enhanced Turn Over Package) which includes a detailed account of the process. Within the ETOP you will receive: 

  • GAP Analysis – our comprehensive analysis and expert feedback of your company’s baseline and desired state 

  • Executive Summary and Discovery Report – Our detailed plan to help your company achieve its desired state. This report is developed specifically to your company and maps out best practices for your goal achievement 

With this report, you will have everything you need, a strategic map, to help your company break through your glass ceiling and take a larger share of your market.