The Science of Selling

Buyers are changing, and the way we interact with them must keep up with this change. Throughout this Lunch-and-Learn series, based on the book “The Science of Selling,” by David Hoffeld, we will explore new and different sales techniques which shift focus from the sales process to the buyer’s process. Buyers today do not act or think the same way they have in the past. They want to engage with your company on their terms. In fact, by the time buyers reach out to a company, they are already 60% of the way through your sales process. Let’s explore how to adapt to these new buyers by:

  • Focusing on the BUYER’s experience
  • Learning scientific understanding of how people make decisions and how to guide people into choosing your product
  • The effect emotions play on the sales and decision-making process and how to overcome emotional obstacles
  • Equip yourself with powerful questions to dig deeper into your buyer’s aspirations, block out your competition, and keep their mind focused on you and your solutions

Buyers are changing, and intelligent sellers are identifying the need to equip themselves with the tools required to engage at the right time, in the right way, and with the right message.

Part 1 of 3 - Influencing the Sale

We sometimes forget about the buyer in the hustle and bustle of sales. We get into our pitch and almost go into “automatic” mode, talking about our company, products, and how we have the exact solution for our customer’s problems.  However, have we ever really explored or even paid attention to the buyer’s perception of this approach? 

Buyers today, more than ever, want you to meet them where they are and, most importantly, when they want to engage. To them, it’s all about their experience with you and your company.  Learn some scientifically based sales techniques to better engage with your buyers and deliver an impactful, winning experience. 

Part 2 of 3 - The Six Whys

Did you know scientists have discovered the formula to unlock the way humans make decisions? What would you do and how would you use this information to better influence your sales approach? As noted in the book, “The Science of Selling”, the author David Hoffeld identifies six unique steps, when done right, will drastically increase your close won rates and block out your competition. 

The foundation of the entire sale equips you to defuse any bias your buyers may have toward keeping things in line with the status quo. Help buyers fully understand the problems that make a change necessary; the buyers' problems are a central part of the sale and are their primary buying motivators. Find the problems, challenge the status quo with insights, compel buyers to think about how they can improve themselves, or solve problems, for their business 

Learn where we will unpack the secrets of the 6 Whys and the way they impact your buyer. 

Part 3 of 3 - The Role of Emotions

Your brain uses emotions to assign value and mark something as good or bad. It's how the brain distinguishes between what matters and what is irrelevant. Scientists have discovered the impact emotions have on humans making decisions (here’s a hint, it’s not all logical!). Emotional connections will cause your buyers to desire what you are selling, giving you the edge in any sales situation. 

Listen and learn how to identify your buyer’s emotional state and change their mood.  More times than not, this technique will keep you in the running to close the deal.