When approaching the market there are multiple players involved in making a decision, the end-user is just one of them in this game. The more successful sales representatives in the industry understand they need to establish a cohesive, cross-pollination sales strategy in order to close more deals. They don’t settle for 20% of the opportunity, they are hungry to communicate with all decision-makers and influence the conversation every step of the way.

The secret is to create a project community consisting of the major entities in capital life science projects. The more conversations you have with a broad range of companies the more market intelligence you will gain. It’s like hosting a backyard BBQ of life science vendors and service providers; bringing them together and knowing bits and pieces of their lives. Then bring those pieces together into a complete story, or in this case, complete project details.

Imagine if an Architectural and Engineering firm specified your product or service in the initial proposal. All of your competition would have to then pivot their offerings to align with yours. Your company would be the defacto for the project. At Hygenix, we educate and enable your sales teams to fundamentally understand all of the groups involved upstream and downstream for capital projects. Our cross-pollination sales methodology helps our client’s sales teams identify the right firms, the right stakeholders, and how to pitch the right message. Once these strategic firms understand how to sell your product and/or service on your behalf, they will essentially create buzz for your business.