Strategic Consulting

Identifying qualified opportunities is difficult. Engaging those opportunities with the right information, at the right time, in the right way is even harder. It takes a confident, coordinated effort from the Sales, Marketing, and Product teams to offer a unified, strategic approach to make the impact needed to stand out. 

Establishing a commercialization plan provides companies with all of the tools and materials needed to: 

Channel Management

Wouldn’t it be amazing to triple the size of your sales team without spending any money? Or, what if another company could bring you into an entirely new market to help them support a huge client?

Partnerships are frequently a key factor to sustained growth because they help organizations break into new client sites and even new industries.  These tactics thrive in the Life Science industry and the opportunity for success has never been more clear.

Fractional Leadership

Taking that next step is nerve-racking, that feeling of diving in headfirst and hoping your investment will pay off. Often in business, whether starting up a new division or needing to jump-start lackluster performance, we search for new skills. While new blood is needed, it takes time, sometimes a lot of time. The process of recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and onboarding senior-level talent is critical for the success of your endeavors, however, can stagnate your business during the process.

Hygenix’ Fractional Leadership as a different approach.

Project Management and Implementation

Projects are the lifeblood of any business, both internally and externally driven. Projects are what propels vision and planning into production. The key to the overall success of a project is how it was managed. Inexperience can result in miss-steps, oversite, and worse, downtime. Experienced Project managers offer risk mitigation plans and strategies, the foresight of upcoming issues, and on-time on-budget delivery.

Hygenix offers companies a wide range of Project Management and Implementation resources.

Industry Education and Training

Consistent and relevant storytelling is so important to today’s end users. Very few organizations spend time training their externally facing employees to tell a unified brand story. Ask ten people in your company and you are likely to get eleven answers… Go on. Try it yourself. Go ask just your senior leaders “What does our company do?” The results will surprise you. More than likely, their message may sound close, however, the story will be all over the map.

Integration Planning

It’s a great day when all the boxes and pallets have arrived. The excitement is overwhelming when all of your newly purchased products are unpacked and unboxed. But having all of the components and systems in your project completed and installed is only part of the solution, integrating them into your facility and having them work as one unit is a totally different workflow. The dirty little secret in life science process equipment is that vendors do not talk to each other about your project and how to best connect or integrate each system to work as one unit.

Documentation and Process Development

Once the dust begins to settle, it’s time to get down to work. How do you maintain the processes and ensure that all the preparation your organization has undergone continues to move forward correctly? At Hygenix, we believe that an often overlooked but critical component of many major projects is a clear and understandable process documentation. Only by taking the time to organize and thoroughly document the roles, responsibilities, and processes does your organization have the ability to sustain business or create repeatable processes.

Total Product Offering

Companies are increasingly tasked with delivering more results while operating with fewer resources. This challenge underscores the importance of finding comprehensive solutions that streamline operations and consolidate tasks into a single, efficient process. At the heart of every business lies its core products and services, the bedrock upon which your company's success and revenue generation are built. Focusing on these foundational elements is important for any business strategy, as they are indispensable for maintaining market influence and financial stability.


When approaching the market there are multiple players involved in making a decision, the end-user is just one of them in this game. The more successful sales representatives in the industry understand they need to establish a cohesive, cross-pollination sales strategy in order to close more deals. They don’t settle for 20% of the opportunity, they are hungry to communicate with all decision-makers and influence the conversation every step of the way.

Industry Experts

Do you remember the feeling when you knew the right answers or had the exact solution already prepared for an upcoming problem? It’s not uncommon for businesses to seek out information that will give them an edge against their competition. It could be information about an upcoming bid request, or market intelligence indicating a lift in a specific product or service. It could be a murmur across an industry association chatroom or a compelling tidbit gained from an industry magazine.